Teamwork App: For remote team communication

Every growing company faces communication hurdles.

Let's admit it - scattered email loops, inefficient workflow. You've been trying so hard to just keep things not out of control. We faced it too, and solve with Teamwork App.

Teamwork App

The tool for remote working team.

A response to the rapid business growth required by the new decade, Teamwork App is designed to reduce communication overhead, and keep team members on the same page. The team can start solving company problems collaboratively without learning. Remote team members can find staying connected to the team easier as messages are faster, becoming more responsive than using any other tools.

90% of our clients report they have a more responsive team after using Teamwork App.

The tool for remote working team.

Never missed a message

Messages are instantly being notified and delivered to all connected devices of the user. No matter your team is working with their laptops, or moving with their phone, they will be notified by important messages.

Stay organized while converations go fast

Organize conversation by teams, projects or topics. Ease team communication and keep stakeholders informed.

Handy Staff Directory is from where collaboration kick-started

Handy Staff Directory

Setup your staff list once and for all.

Forget about manually organizing and sharing staff contacts. Contacts of new colleagues automatically appear and stay organized.

You control how your teams were segregated.

You can group the colleagues into teams and control how they are going to interact with each other. Big corps require the segregation of departments or business units to keep the operations private within their team.

An Enterprise-ready Product

Own your copy of Teamwork App. Trusted by our clients.

Deploy Locally

VM-based containers make it super easy to deploy locally at your chosen data centers.

High Availability

With horizontal-scaling, Teamwork app achieves high availability through scaling more VMs in parallel.

Bank-grade Security

All app clients are managed remotely. With TLS/SSL, every single piece of your valuable data is encrypted.

LDAP/AD sync

Automatic user provisioning and SSO authentication right from organization LDAP or Active Directory.

We're offering special discount to non-profit entities.

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